Waiting to time the market

There’s too much uncertainty with the Real Estate market right now with the elections front and center, not knowing what the new President’s policies will reveal and their effect. Let’s do a wait and see. Or maybe we’ll just wait until the upcoming season when home’s typically sell better. They do right…sell better in the season that’s fast approaching? Yes, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll wait.

Alex and Emily were going to be planning to start a family and understand that they’re going to need the additional space, plus they were hoping to find something closer to the beach as they really are beach lovers. You really can’t blame them as the south Florida beaches are gorgeous!

It was a tough pill to swallow, when Alex and Emily discovered what happens when they waited to sell a home; they were kicking themselves as home prices in their neighborhood had declined over the months that they were waiting to figure out when they’d sell. Would they recommend this to others? Absolutely not, Emily repeatedly told anyone who would listen.

How does this strategy fail?

Gambling can be risky. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Trying to time the market could put you in a rough spot should something happen while you’re waiting for possibly better days, the bottom could drop out, so to speak. Will things get better? Will things become worse? Will you corral more money if you wait to time it just right? When is that next week, next month, next year…when?

Why wait to see what happens? It’s best to make the decision to sell when it’s right for you. When it’s in your plans and you know how it will affect you and your financial well being, then go forward with your plans, don’t wait just to see if something better happens. If everything seems to be lined up right, then go forward. Sell your home in Bloomington Il.

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